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Hi, I'm Arthur. The founder of Birds Piano Academy.


The Ultimate Piano Chords Course

Learn piano the easy way! Play your favourite songs & even SING along, with this simple & thorough guide to piano chords.

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Learn to Read Music Fast - The Easy Way to Sight-Read Musical Notes

A simple & concise method to read musical notes. See notes and play them instantly on the piano!

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Jazz Piano - The Ultimate Beginners Course

A simple step-by-step guide to jazz piano - Learn jazz piano chords, improvisation, famous jazz classics and much more!

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Blues Piano & Improvisation

Step-by-step piano lessons for beginners. Learn to play without sheet music. Have fun improvising with the blues.

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Ear Training - Develop Your Musical Ear

Heard a song you love? Learn the skills to play piano by ear. Essential beginners course for the piano and keyboard.

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Blues Piano & Improvisation - The Next Level - Slow Blues

Improvise Blues Piano in the "Slow Blues" style. An early to advanced Blues Piano course.


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