Learn 4 Chords to Easily Play Hundreds of Songs on Piano (Beginners Piano)

If you're a beginner on piano, at first it can seem overwhelming as there is so much to learn. But learning piano doesn't have to be difficult. In fact you can learn 4 chords to easily play hundreds of songs on piano! And playing chords on piano is the easiest way to start.

The reality is that most songs are written using only a handful of chords, and hundreds, or more like thousands of songs use the same chord progressions. In this video after following a few simple steps you'll be able to play a chord progression that has been used for an incredible amount of hit songs using easy piano chords.

This video tutorial is aimed at beginners, and so all you really need to know is how to identify the keys on your piano/keyboard. To keep things simple we'll work in the key of C Major (only using the white keys which make easy piano chords) and use the chord progression C, G, Am and F.

I'll teach you a simple trick to remember the chord shapes to make playing chords on piano easy, and then quickly move onto showing you have to play with both hands at the same time.

The song examples I show you in the lesson are Let it Be by the Beatles, Wherever You Will Go by The Calling, Time to Say Goodbye, Don't Stop Believing by Journey and Someone Like You by Adele. So technically after just a few minutes you'll be able to play the chorus's to these songs, and hundreds and hundreds more.

I hope you enjoyed that lesson and now understand how easy it is to start playing songs on the piano by learning just a few chords. 

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