Rock Piano Decoded: Riffs, Licks, Solos and Chords 🤘🔥

Want to learn some rock piano?

In this video tutorial I'll teach you a range of great rock piano techniques, licks, chords and rock solo improvisations, with emphasis on the different rhythms you need to create rocking piano sounds.

If you learn all of the different techniques, by the end you'll be able to play a really cool sound piano piece, and also be able to have fun improvising rock piano solos!

Start rockin' here:


Here are the chapters:

Intro - 0:00
Left Hand Progression - 1:39
Chords - 3:47
Simple Improvising - 6:19
Syncopated Rhythms Make the Difference - 7:38
Riffing Rhythm Technique - 9:56
Left Hand Octave Energy - 13:06
A Rockin' Lick - 14:14
Rock Piano Solos - 15:38
Beginner Improvisation Approach - 17:26
Improvisation Exercise - 18:46
Octave SoloTechnique - 20:07
Bonus - Powerful Chords - 20:37
Outro - 22:26


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