Stunning Piano Improvisation for Beginners

It's wonderful to be able to sit down at the piano and improvise music off the top of your head! And many people think you need to be a crazily talented musician in order to improvise.

But this isn't true!

With the right guidance and suggestions even beginners can start improving their own piano music. And in this video I'll show you how:



Using influences from Hans Zimmers soundtrack to Interstellar, I'll give certain chord progressions, patterns, techniques, scales and exercises so that by the end of the piano tutorial you'll be able to create your own stunning piano improvisations.

Here are the video chapters:

0:00 Intro 

1:28 The Basic Chords

2:28 The Scale

2:55 Basic Improv

3:55 The Timing

4:35 The Interstellar Rhythm

6:21 The Melodic Fill Rhythm

8:25 Alternating Rhythms

10:20 Playing With Rhythms & Leaving "Breaths"

11:59 3rd Harmonies

12:50 Resolving Clashes

14:37 6th Harmonies

15:34 Left Hand Rhythm Pattern 1

17:30 Left Hand Rhythm Pattern 1 Exercise

18:30 Left Hand Rhythm Pattern Improv Example

19:09 Left Hand Rhythm Pattern 2

20:22 Left Hand Rhythm Pattern 2 Exercise

21:04 Left Hand Rhythm Pattern 2 Improv Example

21:37 Left Hand Rhythm Pattern 3

23:07 Easier Left Hand Pattern 3

23:43 Left Hand Rhythm Pattern 3 Exercise

24:48 Bringing It All Together

25:26 Closing Thoughts


Download the sheet music for the lesson for FREE here:

Piano Improvisation for Beginners Sheet Music



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