The Best Dramatic Chord Progressions for Beginners 🎹⚔️

There's lots of exciting and dramatic piano pieces out there, but you need to have been learning piano for years to be able to play many of them. But beginners like a bit of drama too!

So here are three dramatic chord patterns that beginners can learn in just a few minutes. The chord progressions and techniques I show you here sound impressive, but they're easy to learn and will give you a chance to hammer away on your piano without having to spend years learning to read sheet music.

Watch the full piano tutorial here: 


Here are the video chapters:

0:00 Intro

0:57 The Action Movie Sequence

4:48 The Chromatic Opera Pattern

9:37 The Flash Pattern

12:04 Extra Info


If it's helpful, here is the sheet music:

dramatic piano sheet music


You can download the sheet music in PDF format for FREE here:


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