The Piano Warm-Up Challenge

Are you ready to take the Piano Warm-Up Challenge? This is designed as not only a warm-up, but as a way to test your technical ability!

The thing is, technical exercises can get boring to practice, but there are ways to make them fun. In this challenge you get to play along to a backing track, turning the exercises into an impressive and fun performance.

And it's okay if you are only play the first few stages! Which ever stage you get to, treat that as your benchmark, then challenge yourself to learn the next stage... then the next. Keep going until you can make it all the way to Stage 10!

Check out the challenge here:

You can download the sheet music by following the link below...

Piano Warm-Up Challenge Sheet Music
To learn how to play all ten stages of the challenge in more detail, then watch the video below:

And you can play along to the backing track below. I have produced a few different versions at varying tempo's, so you can practice at a slower tempo if needed, and build up to full speed.

Also, you don't need to be able to get all the way to Stage 10 in order to play along with the backing track. If for example you can play stages 1 and 2, then you can repeat them over and over until the track finishes. This way you'll still get a good length warm-up as well as having the pleasure of playing along to the track.

Check out the backing tracks below:

75BPM (Full Speed) -

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