Top 5 Best ROCK Riffs on the Piano and How to Play Them

Want to learn all of the best rock piano riffs without scouring the internet for piano tutorials? You're in the right place!

I used to tour in a classic rock theatre production, so I've played my fair share of rock shows, and I thought I'd put together my best rock piano riffs for you. Some of them are suitable for beginners, and a couple are more intermediate, so you should find something right for you.

One thing is for sure though, they're all rock classics, so these piano tutorials will get you playing those famous rock piano riffs you've always wanted to play. If you're thinking my top 5 is missing Jump by Van Halen or The Final Countdown by Europe, I've decided to keep these to the purely piano sound, so I will do another top 5 rock synth riffs in another video.

Here you go:

Use the timestamps in the video description through on Youtube if you want to jump straight to specific songs.

Number 1 - Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

► At 0:48 of my video you can learn how to play Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen on piano, specifically the first famous piano riff. You know the part. "Mamaaaaaaa". So good. It sounds impressive, and using the chord pattern I teach in this tutorial it shouldn't be too difficult even for a beginner.

Number 2 - Don't Stop Believing  Journey

► At 9:41 - Learn how to play Don't Stop Believing by Journey. This piano intro is so famous, and you don't have to be a rock fan to like it. A guaranteed crowd pleaser every time.

Number 3 - Cold As Ice - Foreigner

► At 17:34 - Learn how to play Cold as Ice by Foreigner - This one may not be quite as famous as the previous two, but what a tune. This one is also perfect for beginners as it only uses a few chords in the right hand and single notes in the left.

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Number 4 - I'd Do Anything For Love - Meatloaf

► At 22:55 - Learn how to play I'd Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf - More of a rock ballad here, but this rock piano riff certainly has a kick, and will make your wrist ache as well. The actual notes aren't that difficult, but you need stamina to be able to keep the chord pattern in your right hand going with speed. This one is probably for more intermediate players for that reason. Enjoy.

Number 5 - November Rain - Guns N' Roses

► At 29:25 - Learn how to play November Rain by Guns n Roses - Another rock ballad here to finish off. This part is probably more of a rock piano instrumental than a rock piano riff, but I couldn't miss it out could I? This one could be for more intermediate players, although if your a beginner and have the "patience" (excuse the G'n'R pun) then you could definately learn it. Don't you just love it when the guy needlessly dives through the cake in the video? 😂

Well that's my top five best rock riffs on the piano. What are yours?

I hope you managed to learn some of them, and had fun along the way. If you have any questions, or need any help, please feel free to ask them in the comments section on Youtube. Or even just drop by and say hi! 

Thanks for watching, and keep practising.

Arthur Bird

Founder - Birds Piano Academy