Weak Fingers? Do This 1 Easy Piano Exercise!

When people first start learning piano, they often find their fingers don’t do exactly what they want them to do, and get tired quicky.

Use this exercise as a warmup each time you sit down at the piano to dramatically improve the strength and stamina in your hands and fingers.

And you can learn it in just a few minutes below:


You can FREE download the sheet music for this exercise here:

Piano Warm Up Exercise

A Quick Warm Up for Building Finger Strength (Note Names) - Free Sheet Music Download

Here is the version WITHOUT the notes names in the note heads:

A Quick Warm Up for Building Finger Strength - Free Sheet Music Download

When you’re practicing this, make sure you’re playing with an even tempo without pauses or hesitation, so start off at a steady speed and then you can gradually speed it up as you gain control.

I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful.


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