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  • Top 5 Best ROCK Riffs on the Piano and How to Play Them

    Want to learn all of the best rock piano riffs without scouring the internet for piano tutorials? You're in the right place!

    I used to tour in a classic rock theatre production, so I've played my fair share of rock shows, and I thought I'd put together my best rock piano riffs for you. Some of them are suitable for beginners, and a couple are more intermediate, so you should find something right for you.

  • Top 5 COOLEST Tunes & Riffs on the Piano and How to Play Them

    I hope you'll agree with me when I say that piano is a cool instrument? There are also a lot of cool tunes out there, but some are more "cooler" than others.

    In the video tutorial below I'm going to show you my top five coolest tunes and riffs to play on the piano. But I'm not just going to play you them, I'm also going to teach you them so that you can play them yourself.

  • Top 5 Best Pop Songs for Adults Beginners (ish) to Learn on the Piano

    As a piano teacher, I constantly strive to find songs that my pupils like and at the right level for their ability. Learning a song that is too hard frequently leads to the pupil becoming frustrated and them ultimately giving up on the song. I decided to create this post as a guide for the best pop songs for adult begi...